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    16 Things Every Bookworm Needs In Their Life

    Bookmark this for gift ideas (Or just get them for yourself — self-care's important, y'know?)

    1. This personal library kit for you to take care of your precious books when you lend them to others, because there's no loss greater than the loss of a book - ₹2,473

    2. This 2-in1 book and document stand with 7 different grooves for convenient positioning that is perfect for when you want to give your hands a little rest but don't want to put your book down - ₹625

    3. These "Help Me" bookmarks that are both incredibly funny and probably an accurate representation of your current situation with all the to-reads that keep piling on - ₹198

    4. This thumb book holder and place marker that will be a blessing when you want to read one-handed or multitask - ₹149

    5. These Christmas-themed metal bookmarks that not only hold your place in the book but also mark the line, besides being super adorable - ₹219

    6. This amazing rectangular magnifying glass with a light that magnifies the size of the text up to 200% and is the best tool for when you're reading at night or straining your eyes at small print - ₹539

    7. This rechargeable neck light with an anti-slip design and 3 brightness settings to help you read at night with no issues (or even do some midnight knitting) - ₹3,145

    8. This set of antiquarian bookplates to help you personalise your home library with literary quotes and cool illustrations - ₹539

    9. This Daily Prophet-themed book sleeve to proudly show off your Harry Potter obsession, even when you're reading other books - ₹499

    10. This elegant glow-in-the-dark metal bookmark in the shape of a feather and an owl, which is also available in a gorgeous dragon design - ₹508

    11. This collectible set of novelty miniature children's books to help you make your own little library on your table - ₹786

    12. Or this little DIY model of a bookstore that you will have so much fun constructing and is the perfect addition to your library, bookshelf, desk, or even your bedside - ₹11,855

    13. This card catalogue of 30 notecards from the Library of Congress that will make any collector's heart happy and makes for great props or party invites - ₹1,322

    14. This scratch-off poster with 100 bucket list-worthy books that are bound to keep any bookworm occupied for quite a while - ₹3,014

    15. This brilliant reading log that will become your go-to record, from the books you read and names of authors, to loan records and so much more - ₹1,439

    16. And finally, this Little Black Classics Box Set by Penguin that contains 80 classic books, from authors like Jane Austen and Walt Whitman to Plato and Chekhov, that will make any book lover extremely happy - ₹3,027