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    15 Incredibly Cool Solar Products That Will Elevate Your Life

    Also, help the planet while you're at it.

    1. This portable emergency flashlight slash radio slash power bank that has 3 different sources of power and is honestly a lifesaver - ₹2,990

    2. This security wall LED light with a motion sensor that you can install outside your home to protect your space better - ₹2,925

    3. This solar rechargeable table fan with two different modes and an LED light - ₹1,249

    4. These disk-shaped waterproof decorative lights to help make your garden even more gorgeous - ₹590

    5. Or get these stake lights in butterfly, hummingbird, and dragonfly designs - ₹950

    6. These waterproof outdoor light, with 3 different colour modes, that doesn't require any messy wiring - ₹2,199

    7. This solar lamp with an in-built torch that is perfect for when you're camping and need lights or power - ₹2,099

    8. This waterproof speaker that also doubles as a power bank and comes with an in-built solar panel - ₹7,419

    9. This solar torch that will help you out when your phone battery dies (you should probably always have it on you) - ₹410

    10. This home lighting system with 2 bulbs and a 3W solar module to help you become a little more environmentally-friendly when leaving your lights on all night - ₹1,200

    11. This 25000 mAh waterproof power bank with 4 solar panels, dual output ports, and best of all - fast charging - ₹7,339

    12. Or this 24W solar charger panel with 3 USB ports that comes with 4 hooks so you can hang it anywhere - ₹13,179

    13. These wireless waterproof outdoor lights that come with a motion sensor mode, bright mode, and a PIR + dim light mode - ₹899

    14. Or get this set of 66 LED outdoor lights that is super energy-saving and will give you proper lighting in all directions - ₹2,390

    15. And finally, this lightweight and portable 10 watt solar panel that you can install yourself and move towards solar energy - ₹750