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    13 Self-Defense Products You Can Buy On Amazon

    You never know when you're gonna need these.

    Whether you're in a big city or a small town, it's unfortunate that everyone's safety cannot be guaranteed today, especially women. That's why we looked through Amazon to find some self-defense products to help you protect yourself while you're out and about.

    1. This pepper spray you should carry everywhere to keep yourself safe from creeps - ₹189

    2. Or this pepper spray keychain with a child safety lock so you can always keep it on hand by attaching it to your belt loops or your keys - ₹249

    3. This personal alarm keychain with an LED light that releases a loud noise when you press the button and is a boon for when you're walking alone at night - ₹3,022

    4. Or this safety alarm that lets out a 120 db siren when the keychain pin is pulled out and is inconspicuous due to its design - ₹499

    5. This safety knife bracelet that looks stylish on your wrist and is also a helpful safety tool when you're out of home - ₹355

    6. Or this survival bracelet with a T-knife, whistle, SOS LED light, umbrella rope, and a host of helpful tools combined all in one place - ₹579

    7. This card-shaped portable knife and multipurpose tool that you can keep in your wallet, pockets, or wherever you want - ₹699

    8. This tactical pen that is inconspicuous, strong enough to break windows, and an amazing tool for self-defense - ₹3,535

    9. Or this self-defense keychain you can carry with your keys to help you out in a bind - ₹525

    10. This manual on self-defense for women that will tell you real-life survivor stories and outline techniques you can use to keep yourself safe - ₹170

    11. This high power taser-cum-flashlight that emits a strong spark when switched on and that you should always keep in hand when travelling in unsafe locations - ₹1,199

    12. This swiss army knife with 15 different functions that will always be one of the best tools to keep yourself safe - ₹2,490

    13. And finally, this self-defense knife set that includes a foldable knife, a tactical pen, and cat knuckles that is a useful gift to anyone you know - ₹2,999