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    13 Heavily Discounted Furniture Items You Can't Pass Up This Prime Day

    No more putting off replacing that threadbare sofa.

    1. This office and study table with built-in shelves and ample storage space that's the perfect choice for your home office or study corner, especially if your space is rather limited - ₹6,499 (MRP: ₹12,000)

    2. This L-shaped five-seater sofa set that'll help you make the maximum use of your limited space while also giving your home a more spacious look - ₹22,299 (MRP: ₹30,000)

    3. This little ladder shelf that will make the cutest addition to your home decor, at more than half its usual price - ₹2,199 (MRP: ₹4,895)

    4. This 5x6ft sofa-cum-bed that comes with a washable jute cover and which you can get at 48% off only for today - ₹9,019 (MRP: ₹17,271)

    5. This two-seater wooden bench that'll give a classy and elegant look to your interiors - ₹3,699 (MRP: ₹5,100)

    6. This super cool clothing rack that comes with a top and bottom shelf that you can honestly put anywhere in your house depending on your needs that day - ₹2,374 (MRP: ₹2,999)

    7. This adjustable orthopaedic memory foam floor chair with a padded backrest for whenever you randomly feel like sitting on the floor (it happens more often than you'd think) - ₹6,990 (MRP: ₹9,990)

    8. This sturdy and elegant wooden queen bed that you can get for 70% (!) off today and comes with free furniture assembly - ₹8,999 (MRP: ₹30,000)

    9. Or this king-size metal bed with a glossy black finish - ₹6,699 (MRP: ₹10,959)

    10. This gorgeous dressing table with a long mirror that will look amazing in your room without looking like you're just trying to save space - ₹5,199 (MRP: ₹20,000)

    11. This multi-purpose TV and entertainment shelf unit that'll give your home a stylish and contemporary look - ₹6,999 (MRP: ₹10,000)

    12. This collapsible multi-function storage stool that I strongly believe every home should have, because we all have those items that you don't wanna put away but also take too much space kept outside - ₹1,599 (MRP: ₹2,599)

    13. And finally, this beautiful wooden dining table set with six chairs that you can get at a whopping 58% discount today - ₹28,304 (MRP: ₹66,699)