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    13 Adult Card Games For When You're Chilling With Friends

    Let's all collectively agree to stop suggesting Truth Or Dare ffs.

    1. If you're all a bunch of meme lovers, this "What Do You Meme?" card game, where you have to respond to situations with your best meme, is great - ₹2,299

    2. This Joking Hazard card game where you have to complete the three-panel comic strip with your best attempt at terrible and unexpected humour (that is sure to get you in trouble) - ₹1,999

    3. This Never Have I Ever card game that'll help you laugh at your own poor life decisions and is perfect as a conversation starter - ₹3,784

    4. This "Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid" party game to help you all reach a consensus on whomst in your group of friends is most likely to do [insert stupid thing] - ₹1,499

    5. This drinking card game that promises to get you and your friends drunk really quickly - ₹1,850

    6. This "Cards vs. Sanskaar" game that is India's "Cards Against Humanity" and will help you let go of all your sanskaar - ₹1,350

    7. Or Social Humour, a desi version of the same famous international card game, that might just offend some delicate sensibilities - ₹1,100

    8. This progressive "Make & Break" card game where you have to make your own couple and try to break your friends' couples - ₹299

    9. This Voting Game that will help you find out what you and your friends think about each other and learn some questionable facts - ₹4,297

    10. This Druncard drinking game where you have to get rid of your cards as quickly as you can, unless you want to get absolutely smashed - ₹399

    11. This Filmie game if you're surrounded by huge Bollywood enthusiasts (not that you're complaining) - ₹499

    12. This book of 101 ultimate drinking games to have on you whenever you're planning a party and need something to occupy your friends with - ₹292

    13. Or... just enjoy some good old-fashioned UNO and Scrabble, because superior games deserve respect - ₹664