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21 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Your Dog

Dogs are the best kind of friends.

1. Your pup's favorite thing in the world is putting a smile on your face.

2. And you have an absolute best friend for life, no questions.

3. He's always willing to cuddle up next to you on the couch every night.

4. And no matter how big or small, your pup accepts you just the way you are.

5. Her loyalty to you is unmatched.

6. And even on the absolute worst day, he always finds a way to make you laugh.

7. He invades every inch of your space in the BEST way possible.

8. When you're gone, you know there's not a second that goes by that your dog doesn't miss you.

9. But you know every time you come home you're in for the most loving greeting EVER.

10. And when things aren't going right, just looking at their sweet face will make you feel even just a little bit better.

11. You never have to wait on anyone because you always have a reliable playmate...

12. ...or a snuggle bud who just wants to cuddle with you all day.

13. She's your trusty travel buddy...

14. ...and the cutest kind of co-pilot!

15. He's there to celebrate with you during the high points...

16. ...and comfort you during the low points.

17. Waking up is a lot cuter with your best bud around.

18. And good-nights are a lot sweeter, too.

19. Not to mention, they're the BEST kissers ever.

20. Your dog loves you unconditionally, in a way no one else could.

21. And most of all, she's your best friend, who sees you and loves you for everything that you are.

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