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27 Pictures Of Cats That Will Warm Your Cold, Grinch-Like Heart

Nothin' quite like a fuzzy kitty.

1. This cat who was just reunited with her owner after a year apart.

2. This cat who is very intensely planning his next move.

3. This cat who is really freakin' excited about snack time.

4. This permanently sad kitten who will immediately make you SQUEE.

5. The happiest cat in all the land.

6. This cat who perfected his begging face.

7. This very relatable cat.

8. This curious girl who is sniffing a flower for the very first time.

9. This handsome guy with one crinkled ear.

10. This teeny-tiny kitten with her best bud.

11. This dude who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

12. This adorable smiler.

13. This patient goldfish cat.

14. This fancy pirate.

15. This extremely ~sassy~ guy.

16. This cutie who is absolutely mesmerized by his very own pom-pom.

17. This kitty who waits for the bus with his best bud each morning.

18. This guy who doesn't mind when his little brother plays race cars with him.

19. This super-adorable smiley girl.

20. This ABSOLUTELY AMAZING kitten attack.

21. This guy who is super protective of his little brother while he naps.

22. This patient girl who loves her reading time.

23. This dad who doesn't let anyone too close to his newborns.

24. This cat who destroyed a game of dominos with one tap of his paw.

25. This handsome guy who has the prettiest, bluest eyes.

26. These best buds sharing a good-night kiss.


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