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27 Mind-Blowing Facts About Animal Sex

Pandas watch porn and kangaroos have three vaginas!

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1. If there's any conflict between bonobos, they have sex or share food instead of fighting. It solves nearly every issue!

Photo Credit: Mark Dumont via Compfight cc

2. If pandas are reluctant to mate, showing them videos of other pandas mating has proven to help get them ~in the mood~.

Photo Credit: ucumari photography via Compfight cc

3. Whales take the top spot for largest penis in the animal kingdom. Their penises can range from eight to ten feet!

Photo Credit: zorankovacevic via Compfight cc

4. Alligators spend every moment of their lives with an erection.

Photo Credit: DFChurch via Compfight cc

5. Kangaroos have three vaginas--which means they can be perpetually pregnant.

Photo Credit: suneko via Compfight cc

6. Flatworms engage in "penis fencing" when trying to impregnate a potential mate--basically they stab violently at one another with their penises.

Photo Credit: Nemo's great uncle via Compfight cc

7. Sexually frustrated dolphins have been known to go on killing sprees or get frisky with snorkelers and scuba divers to relieve their frustration.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

8. Koalas have TWO penises .

Photo Credit: schani via Compfight cc

9. Male honey bees compete to mate with their queen, but during the explosive ejaculation his penis rips off and he falls to his death.

Photo Credit: macropoulos via Compfight cc

10. Sexually frustrated sea otters will kidnap and attempt to mate with seal pups.

11. During mating, the female praying mantis devours the head of her male partner. The nerve tissue that controls sexual movements is found in the abdomen rather than the brain, so the headless mantis can continue having sex with his mate.

Photo Credit: kev-shine via Compfight cc

12. Male porcupines prompt females for sex by soaking them in urine from head to toe.

Photo Credit: Enoch Ross via Compfight cc

13. Before mating, a male giraffe drinks the urine of a female giraffe to see if she's fertile.

Photo Credit: ucumari photography via Compfight cc

14. Female ducks have corkscrew-shaped vaginas with many false chambers, so if she's raped by an undesirable male it won't result in pregnancy.

Photo Credit: Etrusia UK via Compfight cc

15. Male bowerbirds build and decorate elaborate nests to attract a mate. They've been known to use flowers, berries, seashells and coins.

Photo Credit: skittledog via Compfight cc

16. Echidnas have a four-headed penis and they use two heads at a time, rotating each time they mate.

Photo Credit: 0ystercatcher via Compfight cc

17. Male anglerfish can't function on their own, so they have to attach themselves to female anglerfish as a kind of parasite.

18. Snails have sperm darts that they shoot at a potential mate to impregnate her.

Photo Credit: xalphas via Compfight cc

19. Male manakins channel their inner Michael Jackson and moonwalk to attract a mate.

Photo Credit: joule_e via Compfight cc

20. Female macaques are really loud while they're having sex--turns out it's because it really turns on male macaques!

Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar via Compfight cc

21. Since barnacles are stationary, they have enormous penises that "blindly reach into neighboring shells and deposit sperm."

Photo Credit: shoothead via Compfight cc

22. If a female chicken doesn't approve of the male who impregnated her, she will eject his sperm from her body.

Photo Credit: Happy Sleepy via Compfight cc

23. Argentine lake ducks have a 17-inch penis that they use to lasso females.

Photo Credit: Cloudtail via Compfight cc

24. Male Dromedary camels drool a lot during mating season. They also have a pink sack called a "doula" that they inflate, it hangs out of their mouths and really attracts female camels.

Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar via Compfight cc

25. Instead of having penises, sharks have an organ known as a clasper.

unknownPhoto Credit: WIlly Volk via Compfight cc

26. An elephant's penis can weigh as much as 30kg. It is also prehensile, which means it can function kind of like a fifth leg.

Photo Credit: Alex E. Proimos via Compfight cc

27. Male hippos mark their territory by flinging their poop everywhere, this wards off males and attracts females. This means his future mate might get a piece of that dung shower.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

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