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14 Reasons Animals Are Better Than Humans

The submissions from this week's Cute or Not were SUPER cute and they know pets are the best. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

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1. "We have the most adorable little noses in the entire world!" -- Oliver

2. "And our ears are the GREATEST." -- Ruby

3. "We have the sweetest little faces you'll ever see." -- Leila

4. "And we're pretty freakin' cool!" -- Norman

5. "Our fluffiness will make your day 100% better." -- Daisy

6. "And TWO dogs equals TWICE the love." -- Wanda and Norman

7. "Your beach days will be infinitely cuter with us around." -- Piper

8. "And you'll NEVER feel alone when you have a little kitty around." -- Winkie

9. "Nap time is so much more cuddly with a cat!" -- Kara

10. "Come on. NO ONE can deny these sweet kitty eyes." -- Castiel

11. "You'll have a best friend for life." -- Odie and Bella

12. "And we'll always be there for you when you're feelin' down." -- Barney

13. "You'll never have to go a day without a smile when you have a pet around!" -- Bonnie

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