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    The Top 10 Absolutely Adorable Pets Of The Week

    The submissions from this week's Cute or Not contest were almost TOO CUTE. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

    10. Mochi, the lady with the most adorable ears ever.

    Cute factor: Check out that fantastic corgi smile!

    Favorite activity: Stealing socks from the laundry pile and blaming it on the washing machine.

    9. Coachie, the dude with all the latest ~fashion trends~.

    Cute factor: She can rock a patterned sweater like no other pooch.

    Favorite activity: Knitting cozy scarves for her best buddies.

    8. Lady, the world's greatest little snuggler.


    Favorite activity: Looking super freakin' cute while sleeping.

    7. Alfie, the pup with the CUTEST FACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

    Cute factor: THAT. SPECKLED. NOSE.

    Favorite activity: Chasing his tail 'cause ya know, it's the game that keeps on giving.

    6. Zika, the bashful little lady.

    Cute factor: Those floppy ears will really bring a smile to anyone's face.

    Favorite activity: Hanging around the kitchen during dinnertime and waiting for her human to drop a tasty morsel on the floor!

    5. Rowan, the little lady who loves to show off her cute paws.

    Cute factor: Those lil' corgi whiskers that you could kiss ALL DAY.

    Favorite activity: Napping because there's really NOTHING more fun or relaxing.

    4. Kamikaze, the fun-loving kitty.

    Cute factor: His little tiny "meow" will instantly fill your heart with joy.

    Favorite activity: Plotting how to steal snackies from the refrigerator.

    3. Marlo, the Dobby dog!

    Cute factor: THOSE EARS.

    Favorite activity: Eavesdropping on Mom and Dad so he knows when it's time to go for a walk.

    2. Dusty, the kitty with the most magnificent eyes.

    Cute factor: All that fluff makes for a pretty adorable kitty belly.

    Favorite activity: Using his mesmerizing kitty gaze to get extra treats.

    1. And finally, Shea, THE LITTLEST AND CUTEST KITTY.


    Favorite activity: Sneaking up on her mom and ambushing her with kitty kisses.

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