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17 Reasons Your Cousin Is Actually Your Best Friend

Because you'd never survive family gatherings without them.

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1. Awkward family gatherings are way more fun when you can hide out with your cousin, or just sit and laugh at all of your dysfunctional family members.

2. You don't have to explain the insanity of your family to them because they already FULLY understand.

3. They grew up with you, so they know exactly how weird you are and still love you.

4. This means they also know ALL of your embarrassing life stories...which they bring up, all the time.

5. They'll never judge you, so they're the first person you'd call to get you out of trouble...

6. ...even though the two of you already made trouble eatin' dessert before dinner.

7. You've spent tons of vacations, family parties and holidays together which means you have THE BEST memories to share.

8. This also means they know every one of your quirks, so you're never afraid to totally ~be yourself~ around them.

9. They've been through all the same family highs and lows as you--divorces, losing grandparents, weddings, and baby cousins--and it's made your bond completely unbreakable.

10. You make sure to keep each other up to date on the inevitable crazy family drama.

11. Your cousin is the first official family member your new S/O meets because they help make those awkward introductions at parties way less uncomfortable.

12. You've spent so much time together that you've created a language all your own.

13. Even when things go wrong with your "regular" friend group, you know your cousin will always be there for you.

14. You can go months without seeing each other and it will still feel like nothing has changed.

15. You've talk about the future and how your imaginary, future children will also grow up together.

16. You defend each other fiercely--so if anyone one messes with you, you know your cousin will ALWAYS have your back.

17. As you get older, you realize your cousin is your oldest and most loving friend you'll ever have.

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