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    We Need To Talk About Bobby Flay's Exquisite Selfies

    The ginger prince is the sultan of selfies.

    Our favorite ginger cherub of the Food Network is well-known for his prowess in barbecue and brunch...but there's another talent he has that's gone unappreciated for far too long.


    Back in March I hung out with Bob and he boasted about how strong his selfie game is, so I decided to do some investigative journalism to see how good his selfies really are.

    The sultan of all things savory and sweet did not disappoint.

    Bob understands the importance of angles.

    He's mastered the sultry gaze.

    Bobby boy knows how important it is to take advantage of good lighting, even if you're in the middle of the street.

    The ginger angel likes to get wacky with his poses sometimes.

    But he knows when it's time to give us a genuine smile.

    Here he is looking proud, as he should. He's a man of many talents.

    Here is evidence of Bob mastering the cat selfie while also giving us a little taste of those freckled guns. Nice, Bob, very nice.

    Bold Bob isn't afraid to experiment with the semi-selfie.

    In conclusion, Bob wasn't lying when he said his selfie game was strong. Good to know that our bodacious barbecue boy toy is a man of his word.