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17 Sloth Reactions For Every Lazy Person

Can you not.

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1. When the snacks are a little too far out of reach:

2. When someone wakes you up from your nap for no good reason:

3. When Netflix asks if you're still watching:

4. When somebody's tryin' to lecture you about how you're too lazy:

5. When you fantasize about being carried around on a fluffy bed because walking is too much:

6. When someone cancels plans you didn't want to go to in the first place:

7. When someone is telling a boring story and you're tired of listening but you have to pretend you're interested:

8. When you finally get to lie down after a long day:

9. When someone is sassing you for being late and you know they're lucky that you even showed up:

10. When someone suggests any form of exercise:

11. When you wish the food would just fly into your face without using a fork:

Matt Stopera / BuzzFeed

12. When even sitting up is too much effort:

13. When you fall asleep mid-snack:

Matt Stopera / BuzzFeed

14. When you find someone to join your cuddle sessions and it's the best thing ever:

15. When you reach for the remote and fall on your ass:

16. When your alarm goes off in the morning:

17. And when you're having the best chill sesh ever and nothing can stop you:

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