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27 Pit Bulls Who Will Definitely Brighten Your Day


1. This girl who has the world's most adorable begging face.

2. This smiler who could bring joy to even the coldest heart.

3. This handsome goofball.

4. This ITSY BITSY cutie.

5. This patient guy who is always there for his best bud.

6. This handsome dude who is always giving kisses to everyone.

7. This gentleman with proper etiquette.

8. And this thoughtful one who wants to make sure his human's pants stay warm.

9. This girl who just wants to put a smile on your face.

10. And this kitten cuddler who has supernatural snuggling abilities.

11. This superb babysitter who lets her little human stay up past her bed time.

12. And this guy who proves that pit bulls are even CUTER once they're full grown.

13. This girl who is making the world a better place simply by SMILING.

14. This ball of happiness and perfection frolicking through a meadow.

15. This guy who sometimes puts his foot in his mouth but doesn't get all hung up on it.

16. This one who is demonstrating an absolutely flawless cuddle.

17. This teeny tiny adventurer.

18. This guy who is ready and willing to warm your lap whenever it's a little cold outside.

19. And this girl with her perfect sitting posture.

20. This lil guy who just wants to nap with you forever.

21. This pit bull who proves that pits make the best friends.

22. This pretty lady who wins all the medals for world's best snuggler.

23. This dude who just wants all the hot goss.

24. And this girl who is always there for her best bud.

25. This ADORABLE foot warmer.

26. This lady who wants you to know that she's quite ~studious~.

27. And finally, this perfect pair who share absolutely unconditional love.

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