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19 Cat Reactions For Every Thanksgiving Situation

Please leave me alone.

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1. When the stuffing finally comes out of the oven:

2. When everyone keeps asking what you're doing with your life:

3. When literally everyone shows up with a significant other besides you:

4. When you get caught snacking before dinner is served:

5. When they ask you to pose for a family photo:

6. When you've had enough of everyone asking HOW YOU ARE STILL SINGLE:

Jonas Wahl

7. When your grandma hands you 20 bucks:

8. When someone suggests that everyone goes around the table to say what they're thankful for:

9. When you hope no one can see you so you don't have to make small talk:

10. When you're ready for everyone to actually leave:

11. When you're waiting to go to grandma's house in the car and mom is taking forever:

12. When the turkey smells good as hell:

13. When dinner is over and you are an actual mess:

14. When that pumpkin pie hits the sweet spot:

15. When you stuffed your face and you cannot move:

16. When Uncle Harold keeps telling the same story over and over and you just want him to stop:

17. When you see the one cousin that you actually like:

18. When you go to the bathroom for a little alone time:


19. And finally, when you think you're full but then you find a way to make room for leftovers:

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