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    18 Dogs Who Want You To Use Your Inside Voice

    "Keep it down!"

    1. "Be quiet, my puppies are trying to sleep!"

    2. "Shhhhh, it's almost bed time so we've gotta keep it down."

    3. "Zip it!"

    4. "I'll tell you a secret but I have to whisper it."

    5. "Use your library voice, please!"

    6. "I'm trying to be sneaky so I've got to be veryyyyy quiet."

    7. "Just hush and give me the treat already!"

    8. "Please button your lips, mom."

    9. "I NEED SILENCE."

    10. "This is as quiet as I can get."

    11. "Keep it down, I'm trying to rest over here!"

    12. "I'm excellent at hushing."

    13. "Nobody is quieter than me."

    14. "SHHHHHHH!"

    15. "Speak gently, please!"

    16. "PUT A CORK IN IT."

    17. "Turn down the volume!"

    18. "TAKE A CHILL PILL."

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