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15 Incredibly Cute Pets Who Took Adorable To The Next Level

This week's Cute or Not submissions were uncontrollably adorable. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

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1. Homer took "puppy dog eyes" to another planet with his adorable little peepers.

2. Kai and Demo totally revolutionized snuggle sessions with their cuteness!

3. And Fiona is so heckin' adorable that she can't help but be the center of attention at every party she attends.

4. Bella might actually have the MOST KISSABLE FACE ON EARTH.

5. And Georgia takes cute to a new level by sassing it up a lil bit. Bonus for the freaking adorable kitty whiskers.

6. Walt, who just took the cute nose game to whole new level. WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL.

7. You could frolic around in the snow with Gangy and forget how cold you are. Yep, that's how cute this guy is.


9. Lincoln, who is upstaging all of us because winter attire has NEVER looked that cute.

10. Rory takes cute to the new level by wearing the world's greatest smile at ALL TIMES.

11. Inka's lil tongue though...HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE THAT CUTE?!

12. Leila, who is SO cute she'll make you want a snuggly little kitten of your own.

13. Marty's ear game is so on point that it's actually IMPOSSIBLE TO HANDLE.

14. Ali is so freaking adorable that she should get all the kitty belly scratches the world has to offer. ALL OF THE SCRATCHES.

15. And finally, Maestro, who has such an amazing smile that it's ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to look at him without smiling back.

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