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    Hello Everyone, Jimmy Garoppolo Is Hotter Than Tom Brady

    Dethroned by his own QB2.

    Yesterday marked the return of American football Sunday. It also marked the first week of Tom Brady's four-game suspension.

    Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

    We didn't miss him too much though, because Jimmy Garoppolo stepped in to play QB for the Patriots.

    Jim Rogash / Getty Images

    And he is indeed a strapping young man.

    Jim Rogash / Getty Images

    Somehow the Pats managed to draft a QB who's even more of a smokeshow than Tommy boy.

    Christian Petersen / Getty Images


    Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

    :smirk again:

    Tom Szczerbowski / Getty Images

    Here he is being tender and sweet with a tiny fan.

    So gentle, so kind.

    More importantly, he's always talking about how much he loves his mom.

    "The only girl I'll ever need."

    Jim has really got it all goin' on.

    Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

    Sorry Tom, but you have been dethroned by your own QB2.

    Al Bello / Getty Images

    Fleener gets it.

    In conclusion, football is back and Jimmy is hot.

    Jim Rogash / Getty Images