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A Definitive Ranking Of The Cutest Puppies

Happy National Puppy Day!

62. Pomeranian

Flickr: theyoungthousands

Because: Poms are cute with their sass and all, but compared to these other pups, their tiny paws just didn't measure up.

61. Keeshond

Because: Alright, Keeshonds have extreme fluff on their side, but but compared to the rest of these cuties they're just not that adorable. SORRY.

60. Italian Greyhound

Flickr: madaise

Because: These little dudes are super cute, but they're just lacking a LITTLE BIT of fluff.

59. Maltese

Because: Their little faces are PRETTY cute, but these tiny little guys need a bit more punch to get to the top of the list.

58. Dogo Argentino

Flickr: loririelly

Because: These dudes have those super kissable black noses, but in this very competitive pool of cuteness, they fell on the lower end.

57. Bichon Frise

Flickr: wedding-photography-by-jonathan-day

Because: Okay, their fuzz might earn a tiny "squee", but there isn't much else to catapult these little guys above the other cuties.

56. Australian Shepherd

Flickr: knoxilla

Because: These little dudes are clever and speckled. They ALSO have a little penchant for mischief, which adds a bit to their adorable factor.

55. Yorkshire Terrier

Because: Yorkie puppies are just INSANELY tiny, which is the sole reason for their cuteness. But this pup in a cup just couldn't find the adorable to rise up the cute ranks.

54. Alaskan Malamute

Flickr: jacqs3280

Because: AND NOW WE START WITH THE BIG TIME FLUFF. Malamutes are adorable, but compared to the other fluffy guys, they are only the party starters.

53. Akita

Because: Pointy ears? Huge paws? Fluff for days? WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE.

52. Irish Setter

Flickr: boyvsgirlphotography

Because: Their lil' floppy ears are their main adorable trait, plus their faces are EXTRA SQUISHY when they're little puppies.

51. Boston Terrier

Flickr: hfiguiere

Because: Okay, these little dudes have pretty cute snouts, but those puppy dog eyes weren't enough to put them at the top of the list.

50. Wheaten Terrier

Flickr: sangudo

Because: Wheatens are some of the sweetest dogs in the world, but there just wasn't quite enough cute here to catapult them above the adorable dudes that are to come.

49. Cocker Spaniel

Flickr: pixelpoint

Because: DROOPY PUPPY DOG EYES. FLOPPY EARS. Is there really anything better?!

48. Schnauzer

Flickr: chicks57

Because: Schnauzers are adorable as adults, but JUST LOOK at those perky little ears and teeny mustache snout. One of the cutest teeny pups out there for sure.

47. Doberman Pinscher

Flickr: gutman

Because: LOOK AT THOSE GIANT PAWS. It's a known fact that big dog breeds have some of the cutest puppies, and the Doberman Pinscher is definitely proof of that.

46. Brittany Spaniel

Flickr: paultrumble

Because: Okay, those little Spaniel freckles are SUPER kissable, and floppy ears are ALWAYS a bonus in the cute department.

45. Shih Tzu

Because: They are tiny fluffballs with a bit of attitude, plus their little button noses are just WAY too adorable.

44. Norwich Terrier

Flickr: zoecorkhill

Because: Pointy-eared Norwich Terrier puppies will make you question your love of floppy ears...JUST LOOK AT THE LITTLE DUDE.

43. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Flickr: eddie-lawrance

Because: Staffies are adorable because they look like lil' tough guys, but all they really want to do is cover you in puppy kisses...and that's the cutest trait you could ever ask for.

42. Jack Russell

Flickr: cx15

Because: Jack Russell pups have the attitude and the cute to back it up, but they just couldn't sass their way to the top this time!

41. Pug

Flickr: voulgaris

Because: Okay, pugs are REALLY CUTE with their squished noses and snorts, but their wrinkles just aren't squishy enough compared to the other pups on this list. SORRY.

40. Weimaraner

Flickr: 124027492@N07

Because: Weimaraners have some of the prettiest eyes on the puppy world and they ARE pretty freakin' majestic.

39. Whippet

Flickr: 124027492@N07

Because: WOAH WOAH WOAH. Whippets might be one of the cutest short-haired pups out there. Plus, they're SUPER sweet.

38. Border Collie

Because: Border Collies are known for their cleverness and they're PRETTY cute, but they couldn't finagle their way to the top of this list.

37. Rottweiler

Because: Rotties have the CUTEST little puppy eyebrows, plus they're some of the most loving buddies in the puppy kingdom--so that definitely adds to the cute factor.

36. Samoyed

Because: OKAY, now we're getting into serious fluff territory--and let's be honest, there's nothing cuter than a fluffy puppy. Samoyeds are super fuzzy AND super sweet, so there's really nothing not to love.

35. Sheepdog

Flickr: davidchief

Because: Sheepdogs are some of the CUTEST adults out there, so it's no surprise that their puppies are absolutely and undeniably ADORABLE.

34. Mastiff

Flickr: oceanyamaha

Because: AND NOW WE'RE GETTING TO THE SUPER WRINKLY DUDES. Mastiff pups are super cute because they have ginormous puppy paws, overgrown ears, and squishable wrinkles. CUTE, CUTE AND MORE CUTE.

33. Newfoundland

Because: GIANT PUP PLUS GIANT FLUFF?! The world is infinitely cuter with Newfoundland pups in it, no doubt.

32. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Flickr: hrdlicka

Because: Rhodesian Ridgebacks are some of the cutest AND the most badass dogs out there, but as puppies they're just floppy little bundles of love. Bonus: look at those puppy dog eyes!

31. Dalmatian

Because: There's a reason everyone loved 101 Dalmatians and it's because JUST LOOK AT THE SPOTTED PUPPY BELLY.

30. Havanese

Flickr: hemlit

Because: Okay, of the small breed puppies of the universe, the Havanese may be one of the CUTEST. They're so tiny you just wanna put one in your pocket so you have an instant dose of adorable at all moments of the day...and there's really nothing else you need in your life.

29. Australian Cattle Dog

Because: Australian Cattle Dog babies are here to prove that freckled puppies are one of the greatest gifts to the universe. If only you could kiss every single one of their little puppy dog freckles!

28. Great Pyrenees

Because: Aside from being some of the sweetest dogs out there, Great Pyrenees puppies are out of control in the department of puppy dog eyes. Seriously, they can get ANY TREAT THEY WANT with eyes like that.

27. Boxer

Flickr: mythicseabass

Because: Their squishy cheeks alone catapult them to the upper end of the cute scale. You can NEVER run out of kisses to give to a Boxer puppy.

26. Chow Chow

Because: AH, YES. CHOW CHOW PUPPIES. Here we have a combination of wrinkles AND FLUFF which makes Chow Chows an unstoppable force in the puppy world.

25. Beagle

Flickr: 59262640@N00


24. Flat Coated Retriever

Flickr: xanboozled

Because:Let's be real, Flat-Coated Retriever puppies are some of the most underrated puppies out there. They are one of the most cheerful breeds in the canine universe so they'll always be around to put a smile on your face--plus the have one of the softest, most huggable coats you could ever ask for.

23. Springer Spaniel

Flickr: xanboozled

Because: Spaniel puppy ears put them just a little above Beagles because LOOK AT THE LIL' CURLS. THEY'RE SO DAMN CUTE.

22. West Highland White Terrier

Flickr: dsearle

Because: Westies have the personality to back up their insane adorableness. The pointy ears plus all that puppy fuzz. IT'S JUST TOO MUCH. IT'S WAY TOO MUCH CUTE.

21. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Annie Gardner


20. St. Bernard

Because: Let's set one thing straight, Beethoven is one of the greatest films of all time and it's because ST. BERNARD PUPPIES ARE BEYOND CUTE. THEIR LITTLE NOSE WRINKLE, THE OVERGROWN PUPPY PAWS, EVERYTHING IS CUTE ABOUT THEM.

19. Husky

Because: Husky puppies might take the top spot for puppy dog eyes. It's actually absurd how freakin' cute they are.

18. Great Dane

Because: YES, MORE GIANT PUPPY PAWS. Great Danes are easily one of the kindest dogs in the world, but their looks alone put them at the top end of the cute scale. Who can resist puppies who haven't grown into their paws?! NOBODY.

17. German Shepherd

Because: YES. THE CHAMPIONS OF THE POINTY-EARED WORLD: GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES. The best part about them is when their floppy ears finally "pop" and stand up straight. NOTHING IS CUTER.

16. Bloodhound

Facebook: NNPDs-K-9-Lacey


15. Irish Wolfhound

Flickr: carlstr

Because: As one of the biggest dog breeds in the world, it's a given that Irish Wolfhound puppies are some of the cutest pups out there. They're calm, courageous, and they've got a teeny bit of fluff to back all that adorable up.

14. Corgi

Because: We all know Corgis are some of the cutest dogs in the world, but the ginormous puppy ears are the best part of a little corgi pup. You'd be hard pressed to find something cuter than a baby Corgi who hasn't grown into her ears yet.

13. Border Terrier

Flickr: benangel218

Because: Border Terrier puppies are EASILY some of the most underrated puppies in the world. You don't see them too often, but when you do, they will BLOW YOUR MIND with their adorableness.

12. Golden Retriever

Because: Golden Retrievers are the most wonderful goofballs in the dog world, so we all knew they'd be at the higher end of the cute scale as puppies. They're tiny little balls of cute who just want to have fun ALL THE TIME.

11. French Bulldog


10. Basset Hound


9. Labrador

Because: Aside from the fact that Labs are some of the greatest dogs ever, it's been scientifically proven that you CANNOT resist Lab puppy dog eyes. Just look at this little guy. Give up now because you you can't do it. You'll never be able to do it.

8. Shar Pei / Via Kumo - Utah


7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Because: INTRODUCING THE CUTEST LAP DOG THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN: THE CAVALIER KING CHARLES PUPPY. Every little thing about these puppies is absolutely adorable. Everyone knows that these little Spaniels are some of the cutest puppies in the entire world.

6. Spinone Italiano

Grace Carucci

Because: These little guys need a little more recognition in the adorable department. JUST LOOK AT THOSE PAWS, THAT FACE, THOSE EARS. THERE ISN'T A BIT OF THIS PUPPY THAT ISN'T INSANELY CUTE.

5. Dachshund

Because: Dachshund puppy eyes are one of the pure forces of good left in this cruel world. JUST LOOK AT THEM.

4. American Pit Bull Terrier

Because: Besides pit bulls being the sweetest dogs in the entire world, they are also THE CUTEST PUPPIES. With a pit bull puppy around, you're guaranteed to always have a TON OF puppy kisses.

3. Shiba Inu

Flickr: wolf0230

Because: SHIBA PUPPIES LOOK LIKE LITTLE-BEAR FOXES. They're in their own class of insane adorableness so it's almost impossible to rank them on the cute scale.

2. English Bulldog

Because: BULLDOG PUPPIES ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Their insane wrinkles, their giant paws, their droopy little faces. THIS IS WHAT TOO MUCH CUTE LOOKS LIKE, PEOPLE.

1. Bernese Mountain Dog

Instagram: @wallytheberner

Because: AND HERE WE HAVE THE CHAMPIONS OF FLUFFINESS. THE PIONEERS OF ADORABLE. THE BERNESE MOUNTAIN PUPPY. If you're ever lucky enough to be blessed by the sweet kiss of a Berner puppy, you'll understand why these little guys top the list. They are PERFECT, MAGICAL, AND ADORABLE LITTLE other puppy was fit to top the list because they are the best. SIMPLY THE BEST.

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