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    42 Pictures That Will Make You Almost Too Happy

    Way too much cute.

    1. This piglet who is doing some very important digging.

    2. This lovable little bundler.

    3. These fluffy puppies who double as blankets.

    4. And this girl who is meeting her baby brother for the first time.

    5. This handsome co-pilot.

    6. And this teeny hedgie who is celebrating her first birthday.

    7. This snuggling skunk in a onesie.

    8. This chick who is smelling a flower for the very first time.

    9. And THESE chicks who just made a new best friend.

    10. This pudgy piggybacker.

    11. And this adorable paperweight.

    12. This cozy snuggler.

    13. And these two adorable best friends.

    14. This adorable little smiler.

    15. And this superb snacker.

    16. This baby raccoon who is so cute that you might not mind having her in your trash can.

    17. This absolutely amazing bee-ver.

    18. And this little one who is already exhausted and it's only his first day on the job.

    19. This group who just elevated everyone's grocery store goals.

    20. And this girl who is really getting into the ~fall spirit~.

    21. This excellent babysitter.

    22. And this adorable spooner.

    23. This kitten who gave her brother the most memorable Christmas ever.

    24. And this life-changing boop.

    25. This puppy who has the best smile the world has ever seen.

    26. And this pocket kitten who just took paws to the next level of cuteness.

    27. This thoughtful girl who is helping her little brother warm up his nose.

    28. And this handsome man in his dapper bow tie.

    29. This cutie who went down as the best delivery in the history of the universe.

    30. And this crew of police puppies who are preparing for their big days on the job.

    31. This corgi who is aiming to put a smile on the face of everyone he meets.

    32. And this inseparable duo.

    33. This protective big brother.

    34. And this cat who accompanies her human on every single adventure.

    35. This first-class miniature horse.

    36. And this kangaroo who made these tots the happiest little kids ever.

    37. This baby raccoon co-pilot.

    38. And this juice box sipper.

    39. This Dracula hedgehog.

    40. And these kittens who are re-enacting The Lion King.

    41. This kitten who found a new home in the pocket of a soldier.

    42. And finally, this lil' raccoon who is demonstrating the most flawless spooning technique the world has ever seen.

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