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24 Times Raccoons Were Good Citizens Of The World

People shoot raccoons a lot of grief for causing a big old ruckus, but they're really just trying to make the world a better place.

1. This little guy who is demonstrating the wrong way to drive a car.

2. This thirsty baby who wants us all to remember that calcium is an essential part of everyone's diet.

3. This encouraging cutie.

4. This little dude who is letting us all know that rest is essential.

5. This kisser who thinks that it's super important to show the people in your life that you love them.

6. This baby who posed just so he could make his human's beard look even more fabulous.

7. This little guy who is just trying to give his friend a helping hand.

8. This hider who was just trying to remind us of how important it is to use packing peanuts.

9. These little guys who make playing tag one thousand times cuter.

10. This noisemakers who know that it's important to spend quality time with your friends.

11. This talented raccoon who is showing us all correct somersaulting tactics.

12. This lover who is helping groom his best friend.

13. This lazy guy who is just letting us all know that sometimes taking a break is necessary.

14. This little worker who's helping out in the mechanic's shop.

15. This snuggler who just wants to make sure this woman's glasses don't get crushed while she naps.

16. This baby who knows that there should be an emphasis on snuggling in everyone's life.

17. This teeny cutie who is practicing proper hygiene.

18. This fluffer who knows sometimes it's okay to lean on your friends for help.

19. This majestic raccoon who is demonstrating the importance of perfecting your dramatic pose.

20. This little guy who is trying to demonstrate proper spooning technique.

21. This snacker who wanted to make sure the salsa tasted good before anyone else ate it.

22. This lover who is reminding us all that exercise is extremely important.

23. This guy who just wanted to save the humans from eating unhealthy potato chips.

24. And finally, this orphan baby who won this little girl the "Most Unusual Pet" award in her kindergarten class.