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16 Adorable Cats Who Will Make You Feel All Cozy Inside

Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy.

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1. This little lady who just wants you to come snuggle up bed with her.

2. This guy who just NEVER wants to get out of bed.

3. And this one who is totally bundled.

4. This little girl who is a professional at all things cozy.

5. This sweet pair who would love to snuggle up next to you on a chilly day.

6. And these two who just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix allll weekend.

7. This couple who is all about the hug-snuggle.

8. And this one who has a magnificent view from his cozy perch.

9. This wide-eyed cutie who wants to cuddle up with you every morning.

10. And this loaf of cuddles.

11. This little lady who knows scarves are ESSENTIAL.

Allie Bircher / Via

12. And this dude who understands how it feels to get out of bed when it's freezing in the morning.

13. This cuddlebug who will make your mornings a lot more cozy.

14. And these lovers who are absolute EXPERTS at snuggling.

15. This teeny tiny dude who understands that cozying up is the only thing to do after snack time.

16. And finally, this little baby who knows that swaddling is the ONLY way to stay warm.

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