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    19 Things Everyone In Marching Band Understands

    The sock tan line, the neck strap tan line, all the weird tan lines...

    1. Walk into the club like, "No these aren't footless tights, this is my flawless sock tan."

    2. When a bug lands on you while you're at attention.

    3. When the metronome is turned all the way up and you know it's gonna be stuck in your head for eternity.

    4. That one person who causes the whole band to start over during practice.

    5. Those people who say, "How is marching band a sport? You're just walking."

    6. When you're getting yelled at.

    7. When you get home late from a football game but have to wake up super early the next day for competition.

    8. When it starts to rain during a show.

    9. Having to constantly utter the phrase, "Sorry I can't, I have band."

    10. When somebody tries to make a "this one time at band camp" joke...

    11. When the marching band wins more than the football team.

    12. That one person who doesn't understand that attention means STFU.

    13. Band couples be like...

    14. One more time = a million more times.

    15. You have a collection of bruises all over your body from getting whacked by instruments or colorguard rifles.

    16. The uniform that is burning hot in the summer but doesn't keep you warm at all in November.

    17. When you get home and every single part of your body is in pain.

    18. When people are all excited for football season and you're like...