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24 Adorable Puppies Getting Their First Bath

Prepare to fall on the floor from cuteness.

1. "I guess since I've got some rubber duckies to play with, it's not so bad."

2. "COME ON MOM, you promised you wouldn't get any water in these precious ears."

3. "How does my scruff look? Am I extra fluffy yet?"

4. "This is not half as fun as you promised it would be."


6. "Is it time to get out yet...PLEASE??"

7. "My golden fluff is not suited for this kind of activity."

8. "If I give you my best puppy dog eyes can I be done with this 'bath time'?"

9. "I'm sticking my tongue out at you so you know exactly how I feel about this whole situation."

10. "This water isn't gonna wash my freckles off, right?!"

11. "Apparently you and I have a different definition of warm and cozy."

12. "Is my lil' pupstache gonna be wet forever?!"

13. "You may have tricked me this time but NEVER AGAIN."

14. "I have one question for you...is this really necessary??"

15. "Apparently you don't agree with me, but I think I smelled better after I rolled in the geese poop in the yard."

16. "This is just a one time thing, right?"

17. "All I really want right now is a cozy blanket and some snackies."

18. "My wrinkles are wet and filled with bubbles. Why? WHY?"

19. "I'm about to ~shake~ all this water off so I hope you know you're in the line of fire!"

20. "I'm gonna hop out of this bucket and roll in some mud THE SECOND you're finished."

21. "There's a stack of bacon with my name on it once this is all over."

22. "WOAH, it's real wet in here!"

23. "Can you tell me what's going on? I can't hear as well and my ears are SO much heavier."

24. "Ahh, I've never been cozier in my life. Maybe bath time isn't that bad."

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