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    17 Rescue Dogs Who Are Loving Their Second Chance At Life


    1. Nelson, the black lab/pit bull mix who loves ~cruising~ with his new forever family.

    2. Oliver Twist, the dog who went from being abandoned in Montana's Blackfoot Indian Reservation to adventuring everywhere with his favorite forever humans.

    Katie Fink /
    Katie Fink /

    3. Pax, the pup who is SO happy about his new life he even smiles in his sleep!

    4. Molly, the pretty lady who is still trying to figure out how to use all the awesome furniture in her house.

    Jerry Ryle

    5. Jasper, the super cool dude who ~cruised~ into his forever home and never looked back.

    Kevan Kay / EK Dog Photos

    6. Prince, the very handsome pit bull who just wants to show off his super cute pit bull smile all the time.

    7. Ace, the little guy who is showing off a teeny smile all the time so everyone knows how happy he is!

    8. Roxie, the pretty lady who loves to strike a pose for the camera.

    9. Hammie, the cutest lil guy who got to celebrate his first birthday with his forever family.

    10. Hank, the speckled dude who plans to show the world that rescues are the BEST BREED.

    11. Ronnie, the happy little fluffball who loves to adventure with his new family.

    12. Biscuit, the rescue pup who is secretly a ~ninja turtle~.

    13. Minty, the little guy who might just be the cutest rescue pup of all!

    14. Zebra, who learned that kisses are quite possibly the best part of having a forever home.

    Zoey Gao

    15. Prada, the pretty girl who is here to show everyone that pit bulls are sweet, too.

    16. Casey, the SUPER adorable Golden rescue who's super power is coziness.


    17. And finally, Marvin, the little guy who found a forever home and a best friend all in one!

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