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17 Cats Who Partied A Little Too Hard On New Year's Eve

Things got a little out of paw.

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1. "Just woke up but I think I'm still feelin' it a lil bit."

2. "I'm not leaving this bed. Not today. NOT EVER."

3. "Uhhh...will I ever remember how to cat again??"

4. "Who the hell do you think you are waking me up before noon?"

5. "I kissed WHO at midnight?!"

6. " wanna explain how I ended up in here?"

7. "I can't come out for another ten years the light will melt me and my pounding head."

8. "K, anyone care to explain why I woke up like this??"

9. "HAHAHA everything hurts and I hate myself."

10. "Just wondering...will the feeling in my paws ever return?"

11. "Haha, why did I Instagram 23 selfies from this child's playground swing last night?"

12. "Maybe if I hide here forever everyone will forget about all my drunk texts from last night."

13. "You have three seconds to get the hell out of my bedroom."

14. "I know we only drunkenly kissed once at midnight but I think it might be love."

15. "Hood is stayin' up all day long and nothin' is gonna change that."

16. "I thought you said you loved me, not that you loafed me.."

17. "I love all of you, let's stay here forever."

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