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16 Pieces Of Proof That Life Is Way Better With A Pet

The submissions from this week's Cute or Not were SO adorable, they proved that life is just way cuter with animals around. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

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1. Colby knows that your beach adventures will be infinitely more fun with a pup by your side!

2. Snuggling is SO MUCH better when you have a loving buddy like Witch King around.

3. And Sperry the Frenchie is here to prove that everything is way cuter when her magnificent ears are in your life.

4. Having a big fluffball like Chokie will fill your days with an infinite amount of joy.

5. Fun time is all the time when you have an adorable dog like Apollo around!

6. Anise the pup knows that holiday celebrations are WAY cuter when you have a pet.

7. Gettin' work done is much better when you have a sidekick like Liou!

8. Buddha is here to show that kitty whiskers will leave you with a lifetime of happiness.

9. When you're just chilling out, there's nothin' better than having a cute kitty like Stewie by your side!

10. Callie and Colby prove that two dogs = twice the love and twice the fun!

11. Birthday parties are a much cuter event when there's a cutie like Maple to celebrate with.

12. Zoey is proof that your life instantly becomes adorable when there's a pet in it.

13. Anyone's day can be brightened just by looking at Veela's pretty eyes.

14. Bella's kissable nose can put a smile anyone's face.

15. Even the WORST day can be improved just by looking at Millie's sweet face.

16. Mion's adorable little face is enough to convince ANYONE that life is much better with a pet.

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