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    Posted on Nov 19, 2014

    18 Sled Dogs Who Are Way Too Happy About Winter

    Get those tails waggin'.

    1. "Did you just say the first snow of the season is coming?!"

    2. "YAAAASSS."

    Photo Credit: Alaskan Dude via Compfight cc

    3. "Our tails have NEVER wagged this fast before."

    4. "Do you see all this snow out here? Let's get a move on, human!"

    5. "Nothin' makes me happier than the chilly weather."


    7. "Our human fell off a mile back, but we kept going because we were having too much fun."

    8. "You look like you've got some chilly cheeks, dude..."

    9. "...let us help WARM YOU UP."

    10. "Listen, buddy. We're gonna need to have a big dinner if we're gonna run around in the snow all day tomorrow."

    11. "If we chew on her shoes maybe she'll understand that we wanna go outside and play in the snow."

    12. "We're gonna make our dad REAL proud once we grow into our sled!"

    13. "You're telling me that this is what I've been missing out on all this time?!"

    14. "You're lookin' at the next Iditarod champ, pal. I don't mess around."

    Photo Credit: sponng via Compfight cc

    15. "We've gotta rest it out since we're gonna LEAD THE PACK this winter."

    16. "You keep tellin' me I'm too little to run with the big dogs but I KNOW I can do it!"

    17. "Who needs a truck when you've got four fluffy paws, AMIRITE?"

    18. "Take notes, everybody. This is the REAL way winter is done."

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