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    23 Cat People Who Need To Be Stopped

    Even their cats have had enough.

    1. This woman who casually took her cat for a late night run to get a jumbo pack of Cheetos.

    2. Whoever did this.

    3. This woman who found a new use for a baby carrier.

    4. This family and their leotards.

    5. This man who tried to order Burger King with a cat in his jacket.

    6. This person who has framed portraits of his cats on cat themed wallpaper.

    7. The rare and infamous cat man.

    8. These girls who made their cat pose as baby Jesus for a Christmas card.

    9. These people.

    10. This dude and his magical family portrait.

    11. This man who has no problem looking like a complete lunatic.

    12. Let's not forget the holiday stylings of Loretta Sanchez...

    13. ...someone stop her.

    14. Loretta, no.

    15. This man and his frightening facial hair.

    16. This ginormous Lion King fan.

    17. This man and his patterned sweater.

    18. This cat parent.

    19. This man and his fanny pack.

    It's a solid no on the fanny pack.

    20. This disturbing snacker.

    21. These people who thought this was a cute family portrait.

    22. This man and his elaborate outfit.

    23. And finally, the nude portrait family.


    Even the cats want them to stop.