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17 Struggles Everyone Who Procrastinates Can Relate To

"My motto is: There's always tomorrow."

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1. "I'm just going to watch one episode of Netflix..."

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2. *37 episodes later* "...okay, just one more."

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3. "I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow? I'll just pack right before my flight, it's fine."

4. "I could clean my room, exercise, and run errands...or just stay in bed."

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5. "My motto is: There's always tomorrow."

6. "I could cook myself dinner...or I could just stay right here. Yep, gonna just stay here."

7. "I know I have a huge homework assignment due tomorrow, but the internet is REALLY important right now."

8. "I don't need to do my laundry...I still have some clean clothes to wear."

9. "I can work VERY quickly...but only when I absolutely have to. Like an hour before my homework is due."

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10. "I'm already past the point of actually getting anything done on I'm just gonna sit here."

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11. "It's REALLY important for me to print this paper so I'll run to the printer five minutes before class."

12. "Oh, it's 6:01? Well I can only start my work on the I guess I have to wait until 7:00."

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13. "I have so much homework! I'll just wake up early tomorrow and do it."

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14. "I need to have energy to do all of this work so I'm just gonna take a quick nap before starting."

15. "It's not that I don't care. I just care when the time is right."

16. "My priorities are straight...I just really value relaxing."

17. "With that being said, I'm going back to sleep."

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