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    21 Signs Your Dog Is The Best Dog Ever

    Is your pup the best one of all?

    1. He never passes up the opportunity to cuddle with you.

    2. And she pops up all the time just to let you know she loves you.

    3. He's patient when he needs to be.

    4. And he is constantly reminding you that this world we live in is extraordinary.

    5. All he really has to do to brighten your day is look at you with that sweet face.

    6. You can rely on him to be there no matter what.

    7. And he knows he can depend on you, too, because you're his absolute best bud.

    8. Even when she's causing a bit of trouble, she manages to make it look cute.

    9. She ALWAYS gives you the warmest greeting every time you come home, no matter how long you've been gone.

    10. You never have to feel lonely at night, because he makes sure to snuggle right up to you.

    11. And your pup makes mornings 100% better just by greeting you with that happy lil' puppy face.

    12. He always makes sure he's right by your side when you need him.

    13. And he's always ready for an adventure, just as long as he's with you.

    14. But she doesn't mind a day of full-blown ~chilling out~ either!

    15. No matter how big your bud gets...

    16. ...or how grey her snout gets...

    17. ...she always finds new ways to tell you that she loves you.

    18. He tries his very best to make you proud!

    19. And she does whatever she can to put a smile on your face.

    20. He's always keeping an eye out for you.

    21. And most of all, she's your absolute best friend who loves you for everything you are.

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