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Here's Yet Another Reason To Love Kristaps Porzingis

New York's finest.

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Kristaps Porzingis, the Latvian star of the New York Knickerbockers, has been busy stealing hearts, winning games, and making waves on the basketball court this season...

Game Day! Caption this! 😂😂

Every time he blocks a shot in a game for the rest of the season, Porzingis will donate $500 to the RENS, a local not-for-profit, metropolitan area youth hoops program.

All donations will go toward the "Ben Jobe Educational and Scholarship Fund," a program which provides children with free tutoring, free SAT prep, and tuition money for Catholic, private and prep-schools.

He even got to block a few shots during his visit.

.@kporzee goes for a block during the announcement of his partnership with @RENShoops! #KrisStops

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