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18 Signs You Have The Best Mom In The Entire World

Moms: The real superheroes.

1. She's the person who knows all of your silly quirks and loves you for every single one.

2. She ALWAYS has your back, especially when somebody messes with you. EXES BEWARE.

3. She's right there for you when you're sick, and you instantly feel better when she's around because of her super-mom abilities.

4. She's there to protect you when you need her...

5. ...but supports you when it's time for you to go out and adventure on your own.

6. She's the ONLY person you can go shopping with.

7. She bakes your favorite treats ever, just because.

8. She's there to celebrate your successes...

9. ...and comfort you on the days when you're feeling down.

10. You know she'll forgive you for all those times you inevitably make a mistake.

11. She'll always tell it like it is, even when the truth isn't what you want to hear.

12. You know you can talk to her about absolutely ANYTHING...

13. dating problems.

14. You've tried to learn her cooking tricks but it NEVER tastes as good as when she makes it.

15. You know you can call her at ANY time of the day and she'll pick up.

16. She's taught you all about independence and chasing your dreams.

17. And you know her love is unconditional.

18. She's your best friend, biggest fan, and most of all, your hero.


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