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33 Aggressively Adorable Photos To Restore Your Faith In The World

Because there's really nothing more promising than cute animals.

1. This teeny corgi puppy with the most adorable ears in the ENTIRE WORLD.

2. This sweet kangaroo kiss.

3. This adorable miniature horse who spends her days putting a smile on everyone's face.

4. These two who always have their best smiles on.

5. These unlikely friends who always have each other's backs.

6. This sweet hug between best friends.

7. This wrinkly pup who loves nothing more than snuggling with his best bud.

8. This pygmy possum who has the most kissable little paws ever.

9. This mom who is supervising her children during dinner time.

10. These two who prove that true love still exists and it comes in the form of best friends.

11. This adorable cuddle puddle.

12. These huggable cuties.

13. And this family snuggle session.

14. This bulldog puppy who is REALLY enjoying his ice pop.

15. And this cute pup who is on his way to his forever home.

16. This fuzzy seeing eye horse who has the cutest sneakers known to man.

17. This bull terrier who is keeping his buddy company after surgery.

18. And this bulldog who will squish into ANY space as along as he's close to his human.

19. These amazing corgi puppies who are wearing ACTUAL ONESIES.

20. This Great Dane who knows how to properly kiss a teeny kitten.

21. This extremely proud Corgi mom

22. And this patient pup who just gained a bunch of new snuggle buddies.

23. This fuzzy, hungry little baby beaver.

24. And this protector who always has his eye out for his best pal.

25. This forehead kisser.

26. And these super cute twins.

27. This little napper.

28. This teeny fluffer.

29. And this fluffy girl who is the cutest little cuddler on Earth.

30. This little squirrel who was rescued from a bag of mulch.

31. This baby chipmunk who proves that chipmunks might just be the cutest little woodland critters of all.

32. This trio who hosts the cutest cuddle sessions the world has ever seen.

33. And these lovable kissers who are quite possibly the cutest couple EVER.