17 Times Taylor Swift Was The Cat Lady You Aspire To Be

    Bow down.

    1. The time she got the cutest kitten in the entire world and further confirmed her status as the most flawless cat lady to walk the Earth.

    2. When she was casually chilling in her natural habitat.

    3. And when she went to public places wearing a robe adorned with dozens of cat faces.

    Thankfully, the robe is monogrammed with her name so nobody accidentally mistakes it for their own.

    4. When she understood what real #RelationshipGoals are.

    5. The time she made up a song about her cat.

    6. And when she made a valiant effort to get her cats into the ~holiday spirit~.

    7. The time the back of her phone looked like this:

    8. When detective Olivia Benson got the most fabulous kitten photo shoot to ever occur in the history of kitten photo shoots.

    9. And when she taught her how to take the cutest selfies known to man.

    10. When she got a cat who is every single one of us.

    11. When she made Olivia a fabulous cat actress.

    12. The (many) times her cat fashion was 100% on point.

    13. When she tried to get Meredith a place at the table.

    14. When she defined the #1 struggle for every cat lover.

    It is a daily struggle for me to not buy more cats.

    15. When taught us all a lesson on proper cat posture.

    16. The time nobody could find their chill at the #1989SecretSessions.


    Not even Olivia.

    17. And finally, when she understood our life priorities.


    Thumbnail Credit: Eric Thayer / Reuters