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    19 Interspecies Friendships That Will Fill Your Dead Heart With Cheer

    Nice. Very nice.

    1. Look at this power duo using their combined cuteness to get treats.

    piggieandminnie / Via

    2. And this snuggle squad coordinating their afternoon naps.

    3. The world can't be THAT bad when there are guinea pigs and cats scheduling a proper dinnertime together.

    4. And a goat his very patient best friend.

    coasterandbuttercup / Via

    5. Behold, a turtle guiding his cat on a grand adventure into the great unknown.

    6. And these two sleepers getting their day started.

    marcelandpoppy / Via

    7. Here's a very responsible pooch standing guard while his favorite bun has a snack.

    buggerscotch / Via


    rudiethereindeer / Via

    9. This dog helping his best friend face her fears.

    10. And this duo who won't let anything get in the way of their friendship, especially an uncooperative doggy door.

    the_kilo_gram / Via

    11. This cat who is really bored by his best friend's secrets but always listens to them.

    plumbunny / Via

    12. And this morning wake-up call crew.

    sova_wilson_the_pigs / Via

    13. These snacktime pals.

    welbythewallaby / Via

    14. And this harmless army of fluffiness.

    15. These floofers who don't care that cats and dogs aren't supposed to get along.

    16. And this triple-decker bus with big ambitions.

    17. These buddies who show affection through boops.

    18. And this couple who balance each other out in the fluff and wrinkle department.

    19. Finally, this radiant duo who could brighten anyone's day, no matter how dreadful it may be.

    _milo_the_golden_ / Via

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