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17 Dogs Who Could Steal Your Boyfriend


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1. This sly devil really just wants to cuddle up.

2. And this very coy lady who just wants a kiss.

3. This professional cuddler who should win an award for his snuggle skills.

4. This guy who captivates everyone with his insane fluff.

John L. & his Samoyed, Charlie

5. This dude who stole your spot in the bed and isn't giving it back.

6. And this very sweet hand holder.

7. This goofball who steals hearts with his smile.

8. This lady who just wants to hug everybody.

Joel Adkins & Dolce

9. And this cutie who just wants to cuddle all the time.

10. This pooch who is an expert at being the little spoon.

11. This snuggler who makes movie night way cozier.

12. This cutie who just wants you to scratch her speckled belly.

13. And this charmer who gives the BIGGEST kisses.

14. This low rider who can cruise AND cuddle at the same time.

15. And these fluffballs who tag team to win hearts.

16. This sweetie who just uses his supernatural puppy dog eyes to get whatever he wants.

17. And finally, this floppy-eared dude who is too damn adorable to deny.

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