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17 Cats On Their First Day Of Work

"How do I do the thing?"

1. "No sir, I don't know where the lumber is but I AM available for an afternoon nap."

2. "I'm not the best bartender and I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm hands down the cutest one in here."

3. "Sorry, did you need help finding a record? Just give me five more minutes. I'm new here and I'm exhausted."

4. "Bobby has a bunch of emails for me to read but my real job should be to just sit here lookin' cute."

5. "It's only my first day but everyone can take five...we've been workin' hard, we deserve it."

6. "I know you wanted to talk about the rough day you had...but just tell me a little more about the tuna in your fridge first."

7. "It's my first day and I'm already the head doctor around cuteness has the power to heal people."

8. "Really glad I could fill the new position of professional keyboard warmer for you!"

9. "Forgot i needed thumbs to open up this window and take your order, sorry!"

10. "These green stripes are really gonna impress everyone today don't ya think??"

11. "Sooo you're saying this paper WASN'T for us to shred? Whoops."

12. "I know I don't have thumbs but I PROMISE I can hold the fishing rod!"

13. "Are you saying I'll have to do more than sleep at work??"

14. "I know this isn't the cake you wanted for your wedding...but I'm new around here and I thought I'd change things up."

15. "This is my first day as a flower delivery boy and I'm requesting that my tip comes in the form of treats."

16. "We're new around here so listen up: we will only negotiate with you if you consider handing over all your snacks."

17. "This is my first day as king of Spoon Manor...BOW DOWN."