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17 Ways Your Dog Brightens Your Day

Who else would give you all those kisses?

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1. They're always there for a smooch whenever you need one.

2. And a snuggle session is only a paws-length away.

3. They'll do their very best to help you make the most of a messy situation.

4. Even the worst of days become a tiny bit better when you see those puppydog eyes.

5. And nothing puts a smile on your face more than when they ask for a lil' belly rub.

6. Even when they're not trying to act silly, they somehow manage to find a way to make you laugh.

7. They're experts at chilling out on the couch.

8. When the world is feeling dark, your dog brings a little shining light into it.

9. Your best bud is always happy to accompany you on your chores.

10. Or cheer you up whenever you're feeling a little blue.

11. Your pooch is the most patient and loyal best friend you could ever ask for.

12. They start your mornings off in the best possible way.

13. And they're the only one you want to wind down with at the end of the day.

14. They're always ready to give you a hug whenever you want one.

15. And your days never stop being filled with overwhelming adorableness.

16. They'll make you smile even when they're not trying.

17. Most of all, they're there for you no matter what — and they're not afraid to lead the way when you need a little break.

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