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    Bobby Flay And His Cat Are The Most Magical Duo Ever

    Bobby and Nacho are the dream team.

    Meet Nacho, the handsome Maine Coon who belongs to the Iron Chef himself, Robert William "Bobby" Flay.

    They are easily the coolest duo there ever was, complete with matching hair colors.

    Nacho is an excellent taste tester for his dad.

    And he really knows how to get a ~party started~.

    Nacho takes advantage of the fact that his dad is an Iron Chef, so he always gets served fancy and refreshing meals.

    But he returns the favor by being the absolute best guard cat. Just look at that posture.

    And he clearly has a wonderful sense of humor.

    He's the best dinner buddy you could ask for.

    Even as a kitten, he knew that it was important to look up and dream big.

    And check out those FLAWLESS SNUGGLING SKILLS.

    He can pretty much make any place super cozy.

    He knows exactly when to remind his dad to take a break from work.

    And he's a professional at finding all the best sun spots in the house.

    Pretty much, Nacho is the most handsome magical ginger prince in the world.