42 Of The Most Important Puppies Of All Time

    Nothing in the world is more important than puppies.

    1. This corgi who has the cutest face in the universe.

    2. And this little hand holder.

    3. This proud pit puppy.

    4. And this laundry basket snuggle session that took adorable to the next level.

    5. This pretty little husky.

    6. And this ~independent~ woman.

    7. This little dude who is very proud of his wrinkles.

    8. This determined playmate.

    9. And this snuggly sleeper.

    10. This golden retriever pup who has the cutest confused face ever.

    11. And this little rottie who is all cozy in her sweater.

    12. This freckle-nosed co-pilot.

    13. And this friendly fluffball.

    14. This lil guy who is dreaming of the day he's tall enough to sniff a flower.

    15. This pretty little girl who is an expert at having fun.

    16. And this fluffy little ball of adorable.

    17. This happy little girl who has the best smile ever.

    18. And this wrinkly snuggler who hasn't grown into his dog bed yet.

    19. This little guy who's getting cozy after bath time.

    20. And this handsome dude who's really getting into the ~spirit of fall~.

    21. This dapper guy in his best sweater.

    22. And this adorable little swimmer.

    23. This lil' guy who made picking up the bills way cuter.

    24. And this smiler who is always down for a road trip!

    25. This sleepy girl who has the most squishable face in all the land.

    26. And this playful little guy who is WAY too cute to handle!

    27. This French bulldog pup who hasn't grown into her ears yet.

    28. This group of fearless adventurers.


    29. This pink-nosed cutie.

    30. And this cozy snacker.

    31. This suspicious little snuggler.

    32. And this guide dog on his first day of school.

    33. This curious freckle-face.

    34. And this playful little cutie.

    35. This adorable sunbather.

    36. And this sweetie who is practicing his puppy dog eyes.

    37. This cute girl who loves her pacifier.

    38. And this teeny little guy who has the cutest eyes in the world.

    39. This girl with the most kissable little tongue.

    40. And this adorable pinecone thief.

    41. This corgi pup who is all about having a good time.

    42. And finally, this extradorinary overall puppy party.

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