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Um, You Really Need To See This Hot Doctor And His Dog


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And this is his dog, a husky named Roxy.

They might be the cutest doggy-human duo the world has ever seen.

Just look at Roxy's perfectly beautiful little husky face. She's clearly a queen.

And then there's her dad, Dr. Mike. Who is also....beautiful.

He might just be the best doggy dad around. Look at the flawless spooning technique during this cuddle session.

And this intimate moment between best friends.

Roxy might be the luckiest pup there ever was.

But Mike's pretty lucky, too. Roxy's co-piloting skills are through the roof.

She even knows how to ~pound it out~.

Mike doesn't discriminate though. Here he is showin' some love to a freckly Great Dane.

And here he is straight chillin' with a wrinkly little Frenchie.

Roxy is his main girl, though. And their friendship is almost too adorable to handle.

Much like Dr. Mike's smile.

Their selfie game is always on point.

Even the blurry ones still manage to somehow look FLAWLESS.

You're in good hands, Roxy.

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