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This Adorable Stray Dog Was Rescued By A Group Of Male Models

This is quite possibly the dog who has it all.

This is Rincon as a stray on the day he was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico.

And this is Rincon now, casually hanging out with a couple of his friends.

The beagle lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his dad, Julian Schratter...

...and two other male models, Landon Falgoust and Brendon Beck.

Even though he lives with handsome dudes, Rincon knows the truth — he's the cutest one of all.

Here he is, trying not to outshine his roommate in the super cute department. What a humble guy.

He went from being a stray on the streets to being a handsome male model, and he kills it every time he takes over as the subject of his dad's photo shoots.

Here he is with Nick Bateman all like, "Sorry, the ladies love me more than they love you."


Even though he came from humble beginnings, Rincon is the dog who has it all. He's handsome...

...he's snuggly...

...and he's super sweet.

Even the lady dogs love him!

He also knows how to rock a pair of hater blockers better than anyone.

Here he is proving that even a pup from the streets can be a total ~natural~ when it comes to modeling.

And a ~professional~ when it comes to snuggling.

And if that's not enough, let us remind you that this happened:

And also this:

But most important, this:

So it's fair to say that Rincon fits right in at his awesome forever home, because he's pretty much the cutest dog of all.


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