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21 Puppies Who Haven't Grown Into Their Ears

Ears aren't easy, little dudes.

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1. "I can pretty much hear anything with these bad boys, so I'm NEVER late for dinner."

2. "Just gonna nap it out until I grow into these pointy things."

3. "Ummm...can someone get me a ponytail? I can't walk with my ears like this."

4. "Hey look, I have a built-in sleeping mask!"

5. "Mom said I can't run too fast or I'll trip over my floppy ears."

6. "EVERY time I take a drink of water this ends up happening!"

7. "Is this how they're supposed to look?!"

8. "Woah, carrying around these big ears all day can really tucker a puppy out."

9. "HOW DO THEY LOOK?! Do they fit my fluff yet??"

10. "Guys, I think my ears are longer than my legs."

11. "Dang ears...always giving away my hiding spots."

12. " this how you use these things? Asking for a friend."

13. "Took home the award for cutest puppy ears in the world...FEELIN' PRETTY PROUD."

14. "They might be ginormous, but they make pretty great paw protectors."

15. "I heard you say you're having a snack, what I didn't hear you say is that you're going to share with me."

16. "Don't even need to keep my eyes on the road cause I've got my ears!"

17. "So doc, any update on how much bigger these babies are gonna get?"

18. "This one is just a teeny bit lopsided and I can't ever get him to stand up straight."


20. "It's getting hard to see when these things are always flopping in front of my lil' puppy face."

21. "These scrunchies are stylin' and our ears don't get all messy. IT'S ALL HAPPENING."

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