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    19 Super Sneaky Ninja Cats

    Fear the stealthy kitties.

    1. "Good thing I camouflage in with this tub or my human might've just spotted me."


    3. "She thinks I will let her shower in solitude. NOT A CHANCE, HUMAN."

    4. "Well, I've been caught spying, so I may as well just tell you. Cheryl, that sweater looks awful on you."

    5. "Thought you could take your morning shower without me finding out, hmm?"

    6. "He's going for the bag of chips...yes, yes, excellent...everything is going according to plan."

    7. "I've been expecting you."

    8. "Why yes, you did shut the door behind you. Why yes, I did find another way into the bathroom."

    9. "Finally, the human has risen. I've been perched here all night long."

    10. "Is that pizza on the dinner table?! It's time to put the plan into action."

    11. "Didn't expect to see me here, now did you?"

    12. "I don't think he's spotted me yet. PERFECT."

    13. "If I inch closer very slowly I'll be able to swipe mom's dinner and remain undetected."

    14. "This is my very important spy headquarters. The humans will never be able to find me here." / user/Ifshammu

    15. "Just a couch with ears, nothing to see here. Move along."

    16. "This is gonna be a real surprise when she opens up her suitcase on vacation."

    17. "The strudel will be mine. ALL MINE."

    18. "Stealth is my superpower. Now hand over the snackies."

    19. "How did I get under here, you ask? Never question a ninja's technique."

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