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    23 Corgis Who Made The World A Better Place

    'Cause let's be real, there's nothing cuter.

    1. These two who revolutionized space travel.

    2. And this lil' one who brightened the world up with her puppy paws.


    4. And this tiny dude who took spooning to the next level of adorable.

    5. This lady who made lacrosse waaaay cuter.

    6. This gentleman who just received his degree in being freakin' adorable.

    7. And this sleepy princess who reminded everyone that it's OK to nap every once in a while.

    8. This flirty guy who's flashing you a little smile.

    9. And this baby who is THE BEST HUGGER THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.

    10. This dude who made hoodies the new adorable fashion trend.

    11. And this one who made the world a cuter place just by existing.

    12. This lady who gave the universe's cutest kiss on the cheek.

    13. And this little guy who made his human's desk job A LOT more adorable.

    14. This chill dude who knows what it really means to be man's best friend.


    16. And this handsome gentleman who showed everyone what it really means to ~stay cool~.

    17. This little lady who actually temporarily broke the universe with her puppy dog eyes.

    18. This fluffy buddy who made bath time not so bad.

    19. And this pretty lady who changed the sweater weather game for good.

    20. This coy lil' flirter.

    21. And this guy who wants to inspire you to live your absolute best life.

    22. This sleeper who knows the importance of having a lazy Sunday every once in a while.

    23. And finally, this responsible dude who was the best babysitter you could ever ask for.

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