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17 Dog Reactions For Every Finals Week Situation

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

1. When you're still in denial about the amount of work you have to do:

2. When you finally decide to crack down and study but then realize you haven't opened the textbook once all semester:

3. When Doritos become your go-to study snack to keep you awake at 3 a.m.:

4. When Doritos become the only thing you've eaten all week long:

5. When you show up to class after pulling an all-nighter:

6. When you realize you have to actually get an A on the final to pass the class:

7. When you swear you're gonna do homework in bed but you fall asleep three seconds later:

8. When there isn't enough coffee in the universe to save you:

9. When you start watching so many episodes on Netflix that you slowly become part of the furniture:

10. When you show up to class and you don't even care what you look like:

11. When your professor decides to tack on a bunch of last-minute assignments and they're all due the same day:

12. When you consider giving up and pursuing a career in farming pineapples:

13. When you actually give up:

14. When you wake up and realize you have a paper due in an hour:

15. When that one person starts complaining as if they're the only one who has tons of work to do:

16. When you hand in your final papers and you're not even sure what you wrote:

17. And finally, at the end of the week when you simply cannot anymore: