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    18 Puppy Pictures For Anyone Who Is Having A Freakin' Bad Day

    Here are puppies for you because there's nothing else.

    1. Here, take this bulldozer full of fluff because life sucks.

    2. This tiny ball of wrinks.

    3. This cool pup who wears his cap Ken Griffey Jr. style.

    4. This tiny fluff who just wants to brighten your day with his lil' puppy dog eyes.

    5. This little dude at his first day on the job.

    6. This handful of soft puppy squish.

    7. This fuzz who just wants to cuddle up all day long.

    8. This adventurer who's a little nervous about his first car trip.


    10. This pup who might just be a bear cub.

    11. This very proud, hard-working individual.

    12. And this nervous friend who needs you to hold his paw in the car.

    13. This freckled cutie who just wants you to come play.

    14. This Frenchie who hasn't quite grown into her ears yet.

    15. This sleepy guy with ginormous paws.

    16. This glorious puppy belly.

    17. And finally, this troublemaker who definitely didn't steal the cookies from the cookie jar.

    18. Hope that brightened the gloom that is your life! If not, this puppy has a leaf for you. Nice.

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