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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    17 Times Opossums Were The Unsung Heroes Of Cute

    They deserve some lovin' too!

    1. When this lil' guy wore his adorable Christmas sweater.

    2. And when this whiskered pal made tree climbing look super cute.

    Photo Credit: graftedno1 via Compfight cc

    3. When this dude was the cuddliest little baby on Earth.

    4. And when this happy guy made the world a brighter place with his sly smile.

    Photo Credit: born1945 via Compfight cc

    5. When these siblings had the coziest snuggle session the world has ever seen.

    Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

    6. And when this adorable girl made hide and seek the cutest game ever.

    Photo Credit: Mathesont via Compfight cc

    7. When this sleeper took napping to the next level of adorable.

    Photo Credit: Specklet via Compfight cc

    8. And when this sassy girl managed to make cranky look cute.

    9. When this curious guy was learning how to use his sniffer.

    10. And when this peeper simply had the cutest nose in the universe.

    11. When this brave soul went on an adventure to bring dinner back for his family.

    12. And when this bath time buddy made everyone want to give him a huge hug.

    13. When this loyal cutie never left his mom's side.

    14. And when this little fuzzball showed off his kissable whiskers.

    15. When this friendly pal found a new way to shake someone's hand.

    16. When this lovable sweetie just wanted to make a new friend.

    17. And finally, when this teeny bugger cuddled up to his best bed for the cutest nap time to EVER HAPPEN.

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