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31 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Cats

Sometimes, cats get a bad rap. These kitties are here to prove that cats truly are the best kind of friends.

1. This huggable snuggler who will do anything to put a smile on her sister's face.

2. And this adorable hand holder.

3. This mini mustache kitten with the cutest toes the world has ever seen.

4. This cat who is demonstrating proper winter bundling.

5. This loyal girl who never leaves her human's side.

6. And this perfect partner in crime.

7. This cat who understands the struggle of taking a perfect selfie.

8. And these slumber party kitties.

9. This cat who knows that the best kind of friends are the most unlikely.

10. This excellent adventurer.

11. And this adorable babysitter.

12. This bath time buddy.

13. And this pretty girl who is here to show everyone that cats are the most loyal friends you could ever ask for.

14. This cat who is here to show everyone that dogs aren't the only ones who look adorable on a swing set.

15. This kitty who is taking snuggling to the next level.

16. And this one who knows Eskimo kisses are the best kind of kisses.

17. These adorable bunk bed buddies.

18. And this lovable bunny cuddler.

19. This teeny kitten who wants everyone to know that cats and dogs can be best buds.

20. And this girl who doubles as best friend and kitty headband.

21. This cat who fully understands how you feel while people sing "Happy Birthday" to you.

22. This cat who is just out here looking for some cuddles.

23. And this piggybacker who is the best team player ever.

24. This cutie who is demonstrating absolutely flawless booping technique.

25. This little artist's assistant.

26. This brave adventurer out on her first canoe ride.

27. And this excellent travel buddy.

28. This handsome guy who is the most patient kitty in the universe.

29. And this dapper fellow in his polka-dotted bow tie.

30. This little dude who knows that best friends come in ALL sizes.

31. And finally, this teeny snuggler who knows that hugs are the best way to show love.

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